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In the past, customer used to be the King. However, the 21st century business doctrine emphasizes that Customer Experience is the King.

Competition is immense today and the value of customers has only increased in the prevailing scenario of Covid-19 spread. Sales are low in most sectors as customers are spending less than ever and it is the CX which is playing an increasingly important role in wooing the buyers.

In such a competitive scenario where businesses need to regain their market share or carve a space for themselves (in case of startups), it is imperative that a highly effective digital CRM is used to achieve the objectives.

According to a research by SalesForce, 84% consumers consider customer experience to be as important as the quality of the product they are purchasing.

With the store shelves displaying several similar products, the quality and price difference between various brands is becoming insignificant. On the other hand, the customer experience offered by the rival brands is emerging as the key to customer loyalty.

Also, a modern customer experience process is not just about the ‘checkout’ or ‘after-sales’ care, but, it is a 360 degree coverage of the customer’s lifecycle. The process covers all foreseeable touchpoints such as advertising, response to queries, assistance in product purchase, data collection, analytics and after-sales customer service. This is where a globally renowned CRM like SalesForce helps you deliver excellent customer-experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

Here are some of the key reasons why SalesForce CRM has to be your go to technology in your quest to increase your brand’s market share:

Customer Data

SalesForce interacts with the customers at multiple touchpoints. This helps it generate a lot of meaningful data and customer insights. Thus, the company is able to create a highly accurate individual customer profile before pitching to potential customers.

SalesForce CRM helps you organize and store your customer profiles’ data in a convenient and consolidated location. This helps in easy and comprehensive management of various client accounts and leads, even if they have been assigned to different representatives. This makes it easier for the sales teams to use and update the data and also reduces reliance upon individual users.

Account Strategies

Since the SalesForce CRM ensures that you have all the relevant data readily available in a streamlined and easy to use manner, it can make account planning a breeze.

SalesForce allows creation of To-do tasks and set calendar reminders. Thus, it offers superior organization and gives the users a hands-on ability to manage their accounts. Further, the single point storage of data can enable multiple users to keep tabs on all the accounts, the steps planned as well as action taken. Hence, even if an account representative is on vacation or a break, the schedules are easily followed by others.

Time Optimization

Time optimization is another major benefit of a highly effective CRM like SalesForce. Since you are able to seamlessly keep a track of the tasks, it becomes possible to efficiently respond to your customer needs in less time. The reduced Turn-Around-Time (TAT) leads to a superior customer experience.

The sales representatives are able to quickly pull-out information related to a client, his needs, preferences and budgets.

Superior Personalization

A highly efficient and intelligent CRM like SalesForce allows you to provide a seamless and highly personalized customer experience to each buyer. The system offers multiple touchpoints covering every aspect of the journey and ensures that the customer is never left alone during his journey.

It helps in building a consistent brand communication, and provides the ability to view customer history. Accordingly, you can send targeted ads and email offers to your loyal consumer base.

Creating brand image

Through consistency of service, communication and processes, SalesForce CRM helps brands create a distinct brand image. This proves crucial in generating brand loyalty and shaping consumer preferences favorably.

In today’s world, the digital technology has created border-less markets teeming with customers. Yet, different customers have different preferences, needs and cost considerations. Hence, brands can’t flourish by adopting a one size fits all strategy. They need a highly efficient and customizable CRM system that takes different customer/client behavior/needs and profiles into consideration. That’s where SalesForce CRM brings about a much needed digital transformation to your customer experience processes.